H1 Tag can have a great impact on improving the sites status. Be it. We recommend if you are interested in learning more about SEO for a website, what is a page content - Start optimizing your site for search engines like Google.


Be careful when using the Heading 1 tag on the page!

The most important optimization factors for code <h1> are as follows:

Do not use any other heading tags before the h1 tag
Use the keyword in this tag at least 2 times
Put the keyword you want in the first part of this tag
Do not use special characters such as: © ♠ ⌋§ ⌋§ ...
Use only one h1 tag per page
Use Schema to mark this tag
Use a h2 tag as a complement to the h1 tag

Tip 1: It is best to place the H1 tag at the top of the page and mark it with Itemprop = "name".

We had previously published articles on site and factors, but upon repeated requests from users, we decided to unveil a revolutionary file that is almost a major part and factors. Website optimization for search engines is in it. Today we are going to introduce an epic file, a PDF file that summarizes all of the factors depicted in the Table. This table was compiled by one of my favorite sites in the field, Search Engine.

This table includes free site tutorials, summaries, and charts in two basic beginner training sections as well as advanced professional training, the headings are as follows:
In this article, we are going to teach Disavow spam links that are usually given to us by unknowing competitors or feed readers sites on our site. Links are the most important factor in and the ranking of sites by search engines especially Google.
Step 1: Identify Spam Links

Before disavow spam links you should think about identifying them. Generally speaking, most webmasters and searchers refer to spam links as a reference site, but the topic is very different in practice and the only linking site is not the benchmark for measuring the status of the link! There are generally several categories of links (in my opinion) spammers listed in the order below:

So now you find out that is not that easy and bull wants and old man, so now go to your Tulsa Webmaster Panel or Ahrefs and Majestic account and track all the links you have to Spam Links. Identify.

Step 2: Teach Disavow Spam Links

To Disavow Spam Backlinks You first need to make a list of Spam Backlinks, which I explained quite clearly above. After compiling this list, create a Text file named Disavow.txt and paste it into the following: (At the end of the post Ill paste a sample file from a standard Disavow)

The contents of your Disavow.txt file should be divided into two parts, the first part of Page Disavow and the second part of Domain Disavow. The first part lists the pages you want your link to not be crawled by Google, and the second part lists the domains you want all your links to not be crawled by Google.

To illustrate with an example I would say: If there is a domain in the New York ( that you have taken from 10 pages of that quality link or the site administrator has given you those links and 10 pages of 9 links You get quality but one of the pages is Link farm site here you no longer have to Disavow all the links in that domain to your domain and lose the quality links authority so only spam page in Disavow Page list But if you get a Site-Wide link domain or a rogue competitor who is growing like weed every day, its better than Put the domain address in the Domain Disavow section to complete the task.

How to Download Disavow Sample File ?

To receive the standard Disavow file, enter your name and email below to send the file to your email in less than 1 second

Step 3: Upload the Disavow file to the console search

Well now if your Disavow.txt file is ready go to and sign in to your Google account where you have verified your site or logged in. Select from the side menu at the top of the screen as shown below:
Spam links

Then select your site and click on the red Disavow Links red button to go to the next page. On the next page, click on the gray Disavow Links button again to open the file upload window, click on Choose File and select the path to the Disavow file created and then click Submit.

If youve gone through all of the steps a few seconds after Google uploads, it announces the number of links and domain names individually.
Step 4: Disavow approval process by Google

Well, if you have successfully completed all of the steps above, now you have to wait for the changes to be made by the search results and your site will get a penalty or better ranking, provided the spam and other sites Spamming properly, keep in mind that if your backlink is not a Google spam domain, but it is spam and listed on your Disavow list, it will not only improve the status of your site but also It gets worse (my servant has had this experience before, so be careful!).

The process of applying changes to Google results after uploading and verifying the file between 1 and 4 months. If you see major changes to your site results less than a month after you upload the Disavow file, be sure to have no connection to Disavow and other factors such as: algorithmic changes, backlink loss, competitors becoming more powerful, etc. have been.

There are some good and powerful plugins for WordPress. But in recent years, the Yoast SEO plugin has grown in popularity and performed well. So in this article we will review and train with this plugin. First of all, we recommend you to read about and what is the concept, then join us in our comprehensive WordPress tutorial.

What is the best SEO WordPress plugin?

Currently, the Yoast SEO plugin is the most popular plugin for SEO and search engine optimization using CMS WordPress with over six million active installs. Relatively complete features, simple user interface, constant updating, user friendly tips and guidance to produce good and quality content are the strengths of this plugin. This plugin is customizable in advanced and easy mode. Below is a tutorial on installing and configuring this plugin.
Yoast Plugin Instruction Tutorial

To install the Yoast plug-in, just click Add. Enter the Yoast keyword in the "Search for Plugins" field and then install and enable Yoast Plugin List. This plugin comes in both free and Premium versions. The paid version features are listed below:

Ability to specify multiple keywords for a story
Easy redirection with plugin interface
Special plugin support by the Yoast team
Analyzing and analyzing internal links
Preview content on social networks

SEO WordPress Plugin
Learn Yoast Plugin Settings

First, wed like to enable Advanced Settings so that the submenus and extension options are fully available. Follow the image below to enable advanced settings for Yoast Plugin.
Learn Plugin Settings

The following are the settings for the Yoast SEO plugin:

Submenu Plugin »Counter» Counter Fever

This section displays the general information and status.

Submenu Plugin »Counter» General Fever

Quick Configuration: With this tool you can configure the plugin step by step. (Not recommended)
Credits: This section allows you to get to know the members of the Yoast team.
Return to default settings: This option allows you to return to the default and default settings of the plugin.

Submenu Plugin »Counter» Feature tab

Readability Analysis: This option is usually enabled and is used to control the readability of the content.
We suggest activating this option to increase the level of user-friendly content.
Keyword Analysis: This option is used to determine the keyword for the content and is very useful.
We recommend that you have this option enabled so you can get a better ranking with density control.
Advanced tab settings: At first this option was explained and instructed.
Manage menu bar: This option enables you to enable or remove the menu (with the plugin icon) above.

Submenu »Counter» Company Information tab

In this section you can enter your company or personal information.

Submenu »Counter» Webmaster Tools tab

In this section you can access the site on Google, Bing and Yandex webmasters consoles.
Enter the required fields in the reciprocal fields after requesting the consoles listed.
Finally, register your site on Verify in the console you want.

Submenu »Counter» Security tab

This option enables you to enable or disable the advanced settings section of the entry.
In this section you can specify index or noindex, canonical definition and follow or nofollow content.
It is recommended to set to "Off" in normal mode.

Submenu »Titles & Metadata» General tab

In this section it is possible to specify separators. We suggest using - or | Is.

Submenu »Titles & Meta» Home tab

completing …

As you know, WordPress as the most popular Friendly site plays an important role in site. So in this tutorial we have decided to discuss the theme for WordPress. To learn WordPress, we suggest you first check out the free training articles in the section of the free site, and then follow the hierarchy. The process in WordPress is very simple, but keep in mind this is also very important and should be followed with great care and attention.

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